Introducing Nashcash Finance

What is Nash Equilibrium

Historical story – The Cuban Missile Crisis

What is Nashcash Finance

What are our aims

  • NashCash aims to solve one of the biggest economic problems: inflation. Due to advancements in Smart Contract technology, we’ve created a currency that can be used as its own product to create 24/7 global market demand. In essense, we’re trying to create on-chain demand through a NashCash burning mechanism. When more than 50% of NashCash supply is burned, the demand outweighs the supply, indicating excess market demand.
  • NashCash also hopes to create a game process by allowing players with different identities to make such decisions as buying, selling, pledging, burning and burning at multiple times the base speed according to different market sentiments. In addition, after acquiring as many users as possible from various smart chains, it hopes to seek a stable price range through the game process that truly reflects the value of the stablecoin.

What happens next?



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