seed phase farming details

2 min readMay 10, 2021

Thank you for the overwhelming support and thank you for being patient! We are now pleased to officially announce our Seed phase farming details.

Seed phase farming is totally fair launch project and all the initial circulating will be distributed to community. Community starts earning ‘NASH’ and ‘NC’ from Binance Smart Chain block height 7301800. The seed phase farming will last for 7 days. Community is able to stake their single token asset from 2021–05–10, 13:00PM(UTC).

This seed phase farming is meant to incentivize our community to participate in the current We reward our users when they interact with our platform, for example, staking assets, and contributing by locking-in or burning NC.

The amount of rewards given out will also depend on the level of interaction and contribution.

Seed phase farming details:

$NASH: initial circulating supply of 0.7 million $NASH(35% of total supply). After 7days, no new circulating supply for 3 months.

Users will be rewarded in NASH when they are staking the following assets: $BNB $BTCB $ETH(BSC) $BUSD $USDT(BSC) $DODO $CAKE $BURGER $FABLE

$NC: is a NON-FIXED supply token in our ecosystem. $NC has linear and predictable inflation & controlled burn which forms the base currency of DeFi.

  1. NASH Liquidity Mining: Through Nash LP (NASH-BUSD) token mining, 0.01 NC is produced on each block across the blockchain, which is allocated to each participant according to their LP share.
  2. Lock-in NASHCASH(NC) LP token: Through the NASHCASH(NC) LP token staking, when at least 1 NCASH LP token is staking, each block generates 0.001 NC (base speed).

NASH-BUSD LP pools will still continue to run after the seed phase farming period, and incentivisation will continue. New incentivisation metrics will be announced.


Based on the concept of the Nash equilibrium in game theory and the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, tries to seek a stable price range in the game of market economy among players of different identities, so as to provide a next-generation stablecoin without collateral for the DeFi field. Links