5 min readMay 6, 2021

In last articals, we discussed about token metrics, token functions and the different roles you are playing in this game theory leads to different actions you will make. Now we will show how to do so.

NASH pool

NASH pool allows users to stake single tokens to mining NASH, you can harvest NASH at the any time. 0.7 million NASH, representing ALL of the circulating supply for the first 3 months, will be distributed among the seed pools over the course of 7 days.

‌How to mine NASH pool

i. Select ‘Farm’

ii. Select the seed pool you like, for example ‘BUSD’ pool, unlock your wallet

iii. Select your wallet, for example METAMASK

iv. ‘Stake’ your cryptocurrency

v. ‘Harvest’ NASH and enjoy!


NC pool allows users to stake NASH LP token to mining (NASHCASH)NC, you can harvest NC at the any time. 0.01 NC rewards are produced on each block across the blockchain.

NC is the game theory token, which carries the core function of For more information.

‌How to mine NC

i. Select ‘Farm’

ii. Select the NASH liquidity mining, unlock your wallet

iii. Select your wallet, for example METAMASK

iv. Click the link and provide NASH liquidity in Pancake Swap

v. Add Liquidity

vi. Receive LP after confirmation

vii. ‘Stake’ your LP token

viii. ‘Harvest’ your NC and enjoy!

Lock-in NC LP token

Lock-in NC LP token allows you to activate NC fuction, which will gives you maximun 30x speed (3x time bonus & 10x burn bonus) of earning NC.‌

i. Provide NC liquidity through Pancake Swap, if you already provided, plz skip to next step.

‌ii. You can now lock-in your NC LP tokens by clicking the “Lock LP” button. After pay a small gas fee for locking-in your LP tokens, you will start generating NC tokens in your dashboard

With every single block 3 seconds, you generate of 0.0001 NC per 1 LP token

‌iii. To continue, enter how many LP tokens you wish to lock. You can unlock these funds to get 100% of LP tokens back at any time.

iv. Congratulations, your LP toekn is now locked. You are now generating NC tokens. You can unlock your LP token balance at any time to get 100% of your LP locked-in tokens back.

Unlocking your NC LP tokens will cause you to lose your current time bonus. Any unminted NC LP tokens will also be lost. We recommend that you mint your NC tokens before unlocking NC LP.

Burn NC

To burn NC token, you must Lock-in NC LP token first.

Burning NC increases burn mutliplier at time of minting NC. You can receive up to 10x more NC tokens by burning 9x the global burned average. The number of NC required to burn to get to these multipliers is available on our dashboard.

i. Click “BURN NC”

ii. Enter the quantity of NC Token Dividends you would like to burn. (Your burn bonus will update after your Burn NC tokens).

iii. Congratulations, you have successfully re-invested your Dividends by burning NC Tokens!

Mint NC

To mint NC token, you must Lock-in NC LP token first.‌

After your NC tokens are locked in, will start generating NC tokens of 0.000001 NC per 1 Locked NC LP token ~ every 3 seconds with each block (during seed phase). This means that your NC token balance automatically increases with each block in realtime in your dashboard.

‌You will see a realtime estimated NC Balance, which indicates how much NC token you are able to mint. While these NC tokens are yours, they exist in the smart contract, not your MetaMask account.

‌i. In order to withdraw your NC tokens from the platform, you need to press “Mint NC”.

Keep in mind, minting Bonuses Explained The most efficient way to mint tokens at any time is:

Get 3x time bonus (28 days after locking).

Before pressing mint, make sure you have 10x burn multiplier

‌ii. Congratulations, you have successfully minted your NC tokens.