’s Token Metrics

3 min readMay 5, 2021

Distribution of NASH and NCASH Tokens


  1. 100% initial circulating supply of NASH will be distributed to the community through seed phase in 7days. After 7 days, there are no further emissions of NASH for at least 3 months. There have been NO token sales of any kind.
  2. Which is a ticket to the game. A player can farm NASH token only by stake single token such as BNB, BUSD, USDT.
  3. It also serves as a vote in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Players can improve the ecosystem through NASH voting.

Total Supply (100%): 2,000,000 NASH

DAO — 5%

— DAO: 0.1 mil

Operation and airdrops— 10%

— For future airdrops and ecosystem reserved:0.2 mil

Team and advisors — 20% (supply with mining progress)

— Enforced by smart contract: 0.4 mil

Mining Rewards (seed phase)— 35% of the total token supply

— Initial circulating supply (distributed via seed phase): 0.7 mil

Mining Rewards (reserved for at least 3 month) — 30% of the total token supply

— Reserved for future staking/LP rewards: 0.6 mil


NashCash is a game theory token. Players will seek a stable price range of NashCash through buying, selling, lock-in, burning, burning at multiple times the base speed and other different operations, so as to discover the value of NashCash.

  1. NASH Liquidity Mining: Through Nash LP token mining, 0.5 NashCash(NCASH) is produced on each block across the blockchain, which is allocated to each participant according to their LP share.
  2. Lock-in NASHCASH(NCASH) LP token: Through the NASHCASH(NCASH) LP token locking, when at least 1 NCASH LP token is locked, each block generates 0.000001 NCASH (base speed).

NCASH is a NON-FIXED supply token in our ecosystem. NCASH has linear and predictable inflation & controlled burn which forms the base currency of DeFi. When you lock-in NCASH LP token, you can access these following functions.‌

  • NCASH LP lock/unlock: There is no minimum amount unlike staking/masternodes and the rewards scale linearly & predictably.
  • Minting: When you lock-in your NCASH LP token you can mint NCASH on your address.
  • Partial minting: You can specify a percentage of minting (0–100%). This allows for minting of small amounts.
  • 3x Time Bonus: After you lock-in NCASH LP token for at least 24 hours, you will start receiving a small mint multiplier every 4 seconds. This lasts for 28 days after which you can gain a permanent 3x (until you unlock LP token) minting bonus to your NCASH mints.
  • 10x Burn Bonus: If you burn 9x the global average then you will get 10x the mint rate. This is a global number that is based on how much NCASH LP token is currently locked-in and how much NCASH these locked-in addresses burned. Keep in mind the formula is based on ratios, so by locking 10 LP tokens you would need 10x the burn amount compared to locking in 1 LP tokens. You can think of it this way: (All the NCASH I’ve ever burned / my LP token locked-in) must be 9 times greater than (global burned NCASH of only users that are currently locked-in / global LP token locked-in)

The most efficient way to mint at any time is:‌

Get 3x time bonus (7 days after locking).

Before pressing mint, make sure you burn as much NCASH as possible to get to max 10x burn bonus multiplier. Bonuses are calculated at the time of mint.