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2 min readMay 2, 2021 aims to seek a balance between inflation & deflation, in order to make NCASH token a stablecoin in DeFi field. In essense we’re trying to create on-chain demand through a NCASH burning mechanism. Base on the NCASH LP token lock-in time bonus and NCASH burning bonus, you can mint NCASH token at a maximum 30x speed compared to a basic minting rate.

In global NASH/NCASH ecosystem:

· When more than 50% of NCASH supply is burned the demand outweights supply indicating excess market demand.

· When “total NCASH LP locked-in number” is ABOVE 50%, that means the majority of the market is not willing to sell at the current prices.

When you entering the game, you can play any of these roles and make NASH/NCASH ecosystem more various.

Long-term investors:

If you share our point of view and would like to grow with this project and earn high returns, you can participate in both Staking and Lock-in systems and get as much NashCash(NCASH) as you can through the lock-in time bonus (up to 3X) and the burning bonus (up to 10X, when your burn rate is 9X the market average). In the end, the price of NASH and the amount of NCASH you have will bring you handsome returns.

Market trader:

If you only want to dabble in the Nash system, or if you want to earn a return on your investment by buying and selling in the market, you can also participate in the NASH and NCASH Staking systems and choose the right time to buy in and sell out based on our dashboard of market sentiments.
(The project provides a sentiment dashboard: For example, when the LP token locked-in rate exceeds 50% of the market average, it suggests a market sentiment in which the majority of the investors are unwilling to sell their NASH and NCASH.)

Short-term speculators:

If you only want to give the project a try and don’t want to take any risks, you can participate only in the NASH Staking system, and get NCASH and sell it in time. Or, you can receive a short-term return several times the investment by burning and minting NCASH at a rate of less than 30 times the base speed.